Me visiting my sister's family in Northern Sweden, Norrbotten. Occasionally, it is sunny even there.

Me visiting my sister's family in Northern Sweden, Norrbotten. Occasionally, it is sunny even there.

Eija at G!-festival, Faroe Islands in July 2015 publishing her photo book.

Me and Nina working for at Jalometalli Festival 2012.

Me in Saksun, Faroe Islands in 2011.

Me on tour with SIC making Fighters They Bleed-documentary in 2009.

Eija Mäkivuoti

Visual Communication Professional / Cultural Worker / Photographic artist / Visual artist / Artist-Researcher.

I am a Helsinki-based visual communication professional, cultural worker, photographic artist and an artist-researcher. I work with non-commercial long-term non-fiction narratives. I call this practice as being a poet as a documentarian. Above all I am a multi-disciplinary cultural worker, with experience in working in different cultural institutions. Hence I am many things professionally.

I have years of experience in working in different international, Nordic cultural and Finnish cultural institutions, dealing with a vast variation of tasks within communication, information, application systems, photography to IT-support and customer service as well as project coordination, production and management etc.

I hold a MA level degree from the Master's Programme in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) from Aalto University. I also hold a BA level degree in visual communication and photography from the Lahti Design Institute (Lahti University of Applied Sciences) and are previously also trained as a visual artist (photography & media art focus).

I graduated in Aug 2018 from the NoVA Master's Programme at Aalto University in Helsinki, which has broaden my horizons and will affect my future approach and practices within the fields of art and culture.

I am a member of the Photographic Artists' Association in Finland.

I am active in Tjaldur - the friendship society between Finland-Faroe Islands since 2011. I have been the chair of the board since 2015. I have been working in the Faroe Islands since 2008 with different art projects. One could say I have been adopted by the people I know there and a large part of my doing and being is dedicated to my second home country.

I am part of a network of artists and culture actors who have a passion for the Arctic (and the neighbouring areas close to the Arctic regions) called artArctica. They organise a culture festival with the same name.

I am a member of the interdisciplinary artist group Mikropaliskunta. We make explorations into contemporary cultures in a sustainable way.

At times I work as a freelancer photographer for different employers within the fields of art and culture, e.g. for the Finnish metal music magazine Inferno and the metal blog The Metal Phenomenon, the performance company Oblivia and with other diverse assignments within the field of art and culture (events, seminars, festivals etc.).I collaborate with the blogger Nina Ratavaara who is blogging on her The Metal Phenomenon-blog. We have been working together for years, e.g. reviewing festivals for different media, like and Helsinki Times.

I derive from Haparanda, Sweden from Finnish decent. Born and raised as a person in-between Finnish and Swedish culture I chose to move to Finland when I was 16 years old. My family still lives in Sweden so I could say I am both Finnish and Swedish (or as one would say, a second generation immigrant in Sweden but also an immigrant in Finland – but I settled in quite good and think of myself of having a hybrid identity – not neither or but both plus all kinds of other plural international cultural influences embedded in me).



Master of Arts, Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) | Master's Degree Programme, Aalto University, 2016–2018

Photographer, BA / Medianomi, AMK | Degree Programme of Visual Communication, Design Institute, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, 2010

New Photography (20 cr.), Lahti University of Applied Sciences, 2006

Graphic Design & Publishing studies (19 cr.), University of Arts and Design, Helsinki, 2003

Visual Artist, Vocational School of Western Lapland, 2000


My Gear

Canon 5D mark III | Canon 24-70 F2.8 L USM II | Canon 70-200 F4 L | Canon 50 F1.4

Mobile Photography by Samsung Galaxy s7

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Some Work from the Past Years / A selection

I have been working during the years within the cultural sector in many different kinds of tasks. Here are some of them, to show the versatility of my practice.

Administrative Assistant 2015 – 2016: Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki, Finland

Photographer | journalist 2007 – 2018: Inferno-magazine

Photographer | journalist 2012 – 2016:

IT-consultant 2012 – 2016: Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (CCIP platform), Copenhagen, Denmark / Riga, Latvia

IT-consultant 2012 – 2015: Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki, Finland

Photographer | web co-ordinator 2003 – 2014: Performance company Oblivia

Photographer | journalist 2012 – 2013:

Photographer | journalist 2009 – 2010:

Advisor 2007 – 2010: Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki, Finland

Project assistant & coordinator 2003 – 2006: NIFCA - Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland

Documentation photography | crew member 2006: Rethinking Nordic Colonialism - project

Photographer 2004: Gruss Marcella-project at Volkspalast, Palast der Republik, Berlin

Artist | photographer 2004: Trans Barents Highway Symposium of Art 2004

Lecturer, photography 2000 – 2003: Vocational Institute of Western Lapland & Western Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Tornio, Finland

Museum assistant / documentation photography / web design / workshops etc. 1995 – 2003 (several short-term employments and freelancer tasks): The Aine Art Museum, Tornio

Photographic Assistant 1998: Phil Flowers Photography, Somerset, UK


Contact me

If you want to contact me, please write email to eija.makivuoti [ ] or connect with me through social media.