Ferðin til Heljar

Photo documentary of Hamferð's and Skálmöld's concert tour in July 2011


The first week were spent in Iceland with gigs in Reykjavík, Húsavík and at the Eistnaflug festival, while the second week were spent in The Faroe Islands with gigs in Tvøroyri, Tórshavn and at G! Festival.

Hamferð and Skálmöld tour - Iceland and The Faroe Islands
July 5 |  Sódóma, Reykjavík (IS)
July 6 |  Borgarhólsskóli, Húsavík (IS) (with Chain Reaction)
July 7 – 9 |  Eistnaflug Festival (IS)
July 12 |  Seglloftið, Tvøroyri (FO) (with Incurse)
July 13 |  Perlan, Tórshavn (FO) (with The Apocryphal Order)
July 14 – 16 |  G! Festival (FO)

There are a photo reportage of the tour published in Finnish metal magazine Inferno (both in paper version & as an online gallery).