Ferðin til Heljar: A Journey with Hamferð 

An experimental documentary movie. Duration 24:55
A poster triptych, 3 posters in size 700x1000 mm

The experimental documentary movie is portraying Eija Mäkivuoti's collaboration with the Faroese doom metal band Hamferð, especially focusing on the images from the Ferðin til Heljar tour in Iceland and on the Faroe Islands 2011 that she made together with Hamferð and the Icelandic metal band Skálmöld.

Hamferð draws its inspiration from the toilsome and sorrowful depths of Faroese history and the Faroese culture.

Music by Hamferð. Audio clips from Freesound. All photos and editing by Eija Mäkivuoti.

Acknowledgements: Hamferð, The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands , Tjaldur – the Finnish-Faroese Friendship Association & The Danish Embassy in Finland.

Published in 2013. The movie was exhibited joint with the poster triptych in the Light from Darkness-group exhibition at the Performance Centre in Helsinki and screened at the G! festival in the Faroe Islands in 2013.


A poster triptych, 3 posters in size 700x1000 mm