An Interdisciplinary Art Project 2006 – 2010


Mikropaliskunta is a series of interdisciplinary expeditions exploring nation(nalism) and eco-social changes in the society, but is basically defined by the people or artists taking part of the travels. 

The reindeer carries the symbol value that all the participants relate to. It is a over-used mascot of tourism, symbol of nation, mythic totem and an important production animal to reindeer herders. It is also an grotesque interface to meet people on the expeditions. 

Mikropaliskunta raises questions about national identity, nationalism, structural change, environmental issues, urbanization with critical, humorist tone, but avoids judging. The project examines creativity mostly outside museums and gallery spaces. Important medium is time and location, here, there and now. The findings are spread across virtual space. The website mikropaliskunta.net acts as a collection point of all these materials and micro documentaries.

For more information and to experience our expeditions, visit the main website www.mikropaliskunta.net.