Tuska 2003-2007 – The Story of Us

A photo documentary from a metal music festival


Eija Mäkivuoti has documented communal phenomena in contemporary society from a very personal angle. The exhibition is a photographic documentary from five years of Tuska Open Air-festival. 

Mäkivuoti portrays the lifestyle of the metal crowd, not forgetting the humour and self-irony. The exhibition was shown in two parts. The warm-up was on display at Gallery Sinne and the main exhibition took place in the Finnish Museum of Photography, both in Helsinki, Finland in the summer 2008. 

In conjunction to the twin-exhibition, I organized an interdisciplinary event, Under the Northern Star. It combined metal music, media art and performance art. For more information and some photos, visit the project's MySpace page.

Read the review of the Tuska exhibition and of the joint event Under the Northern Star at Imperiumi.net [in Finnish].