Wacken Metal Battle Føroyar 2013

15-16.3.2013, Sjónleikarahúsið, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Documentation of the battle event, the venue, the people and actions around it. Made for and commissioned by Upp Við Hornunum, Faroe Islands.

Bands The Happening, Tidal Crush, Synarchy, Reduced to Ash, SIC, Konqueror, Earth Divide ja Asyllex.
Headliner Heljareyga

Reports and photos from the event published in the following media
Metallized.it 1 / Metallized.it 2
Let me Introduce-blog
Wacken Metal Battle Føroyar Facebook page / Photo album

Photos also published in the paper version of the Faroese newspaper Dimmalætting.